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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Press Here!

One of our Iowa Goldfinch Books for the year is Herve Tullet's Press Here.

To celebrate this book, and to get our students to think about the "characters" in the book, we handed out yellow, blue, and red dots so they could act out their characters' parts in the story.

During the read aloud, students rubbed--gently!--their dots, tapped them, and shook & leaned with them. Such fun--and we even read the book twice just like the dots suggest. :)

We also shared the Press Here app with students and some of the 15 different games you can play using it.

Among our students' favorite games were Memory, Inside Goal, and Drawing. Of course, we ended our time with Fireworks so we all could "ooohh!" and "aaahh!" over the app and the book!

Finally, students were able to make their own Press Here books using very basic supplies:

As the authors and illustrators of their own stories, students created wonderful examples of where their imaginations can take them!


  1. LOVE your blog post about Press Here! :) I am even more excited to read the book at Harding Elementary to my students! :) You do such an amazing job of creating and implementing engaging Iowa Goldfinch Award Book lessons! :)

  2. I'm curious how you shared the app with your students. Did you have it downloaded on each tablet or did you share it with the whole class on the Smartboard?