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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Celebrating World Read Aloud Day 2014

What a great experience today celebrating World Read Aloud Day with a dear friend and fellow K - 5 teacher librarian!

Christi Taylor, K - 5 teacher librarian from Shuler Elementary School in Waukee, IA, has been a colleague and friend for 15 years, and today (finally!) we were able to connect two of our classes using Skype. This was our second attempt. . . we had a 50% success rate earlier in the week connecting two of our groups, so today we were determined to connect.

To tie together World Read Aloud Day and Dr. Seuss's birthday, we chose Fox in Socks as our read aloud, and after prepping our groups and reminding them about good computer and field trip manners, we were ready!

Mrs. Schroeder's kindergartners joined DC Elementary kindergartners from Mrs. Reagan's class. First item of business? Introductions and waving!

Then on to the business at hand--the read aloud! Of course, with Fox in Socks, you can expect some tongue twister madness! Tweetle beetle battles? Luke Luck likes lakes? Sue sews whose clothes? Much fun and laughing together as students listened to the read aloud.

Kindergarten students weren't the only ones to get in on the World Read Aloud Day fun. . . Mrs. White's 1st grade class from Shuler Elementary and Mrs. Jorgensen's class from DC Elementary also connected! After much trying to connect on Skype, we FINALLY were able to meet and read with just 20 minutes remaining in the class period.

A GREAT day with our new friends from Waukee, and we're very excited about connecting again throughout the rest of the school year!

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