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Destiny Quest
Students- check out a new way to talk about books!
Destiny Quest encourages communication beyond the classroom by giving students and teachers a place to talk about books. Students and teachers in Destiny can share what they're reading with friends, recommend books to each other, and let friends see their Have Read, Now Reading, and Want to Read book shelves. 

Click here to get to North Ridge's Destiny home page.
Click here to get to Dallas Center Elementary's Destiny home page.

Book Trailers
Book Trailers for All was created as a way for people to share their self-created book trailers.  Most trailers were created by teachers, students or librarians, but a great many of the trailers were created by publishers or authors. All trailers are free to show, download, and share (as long as they are not modified) and attribution to the creator is given. 

Book Trailers for Readers includes self-created trailers that feature kids' and teens' books.

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