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Check this page to find suggestions, tips, and examples of how to find and use apps and Web 2.0 tools.

In the February technology newsletter, you can find the answers to common questions re: where to find our tech information on FirstClass and how to access our Google Drive Storage folders.

You can also read about how different teachers are using apps like Magnetic Board and Student Tools in their classrooms.

January's technology newsletter is from LucidPress--you may want to open it in Firefox or Chrome as those browsers seem to support it better than Safari. Be sure to click on the videos and links to learn more about Google Forms and Socrative and Learning Tools!

The December 2013 technology newsletter features several free apps related to note taking and mind mapping. CLICK HERE to access it.

The November 2013 issue of the technology newsletter, which features the app NearPod, is available HERE.

Check out the first issue (October 2013) of the DCE Technology Newsletter when you CLICK HERE.

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