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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Celebrating Dot Day

Again this year our students celebrated International Dot Day. Here's what our students enjoyed:

•  We read The Dot and used the Quiver app to create our own augmented reality dots.

1st Grade
•  We watched The Dot on BookFLIX, then read Press Here before designing our dots.

2nd Grade
•  We watched The Dot on BookFLIX, then read Let's Play before creating our own dot books.

3rd Grade
•  We watched The Dot on BookFLIX, then read A Million Dots (yes, we looked at all one million dots!) before working on a dot to become a buddy dot.

4th Grade
•  We watched The Dot on BookFLIX, then read Ish, which inspired "ish-ly" drawings.

5th Grade
•  We watched The Dot on BookFLIX, then used PicCollage on iPads to design dot collages.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Using Flipgrid to Recommend Books

We're excited to share how we're using Flipgrid in our elementary libraries. Over time we've used it to share our newly created tall tale characters, to promote student-written and illustrated ABC books, and to plead the cases of books with zero checkouts. (You can read about these activities HERE.) Now, we've used it with our Grades 3 - 5 students to recommend our favorite books.

Taking advantage of access to both iPads and Chromebooks, students were able to share some of their favorite books with others. South Prairie Elementary students shared books in a Read This Book grid:

Heritage Elementary and Dallas Center Elementary students added more than 200 recommendations and has had more than 1350 views after their initial postings!
Flipgrid has been a tremendous tool to help us build our community of readers, and our students would love to have you take a look at their work. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Iowa Children's Choice Award Books & ThingLink

It's that time again--time for us to explore the state award books and start reading our way through the list. To promote the titles and raise interest, this year's titles are featured in ThingLink images that connect to book trailers.

Check out these Iowa Children's Choice Award nominees:

Enjoy the trailers--and when you're ready to try one of the nominees, be sure to stop by the library and check out a copy. Remember, you're eligible to vote for the building and state-wide winner when you read at least two books from the list. See you soon!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

1-Thing Wednesday: Historical Fiction Focus

With so many great books released in the last year, how about a look at a few that are historical fiction, like the Newbury Honor book Wolf Hollow? Readers will find themselves pulled into the story of Annabelle, Betty, and Toby; can we trust what we believe we've seen, and do we really know the people in our lives?

Other great historical fiction promoted throughout the year in the library include some newer titles along with some old favorites:

If you haven't read many historical fiction titles--or if you're eager to read some more--we're happy to help you with that next book to read!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

1-Thing Wednesday: Pinterest Book Recommendation Board

Occasionally during the year we take the time to highlight new books or recommend old favorites using Pinterest. Both book trailers and cover images of K - 5 books are there if you're looking for something to read! Want to take a look? You can access the board by clicking in the caption below.
CLICK HERE to access the Pinterest board.
Want to see something added that you think others would like to read onto the board? Let Mrs. Ellis know, and maybe you'll see it there!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

1-Thing Wednesday: Using our AEA Databases

We are so fortunate to have access to a wide variety of databases from our area AEA, Heartland. Throughout the year, teachers and students alike use them for everything from pleasure reading to research to project creation support. Often, these databases become part of our library lessons, too.
Of course, BookFLIX and PebbleGO are wonderful listen-to-reading tools for our younger students, but both are quick research resources for all of our students. Throughout the year, the nonfiction materials in BookFLIX and the many available titles in PebbleGO support a number of students' projects. 

Also supporting students' research needs were Britannica Online, MackinVia, and TrueFLIX. You can read about fourth and fifth grade students' projects and their use of databases HERE
3rd graders use Britannica Online to gather information for a project.
A specific resource that we rely on for supporting videos is Learn360. We've watched everything from Franklin Loses a Book during our look at library expectations and book care with our K-2 students to The Curse of the Hope Diamond as fifth graders gained some background knowledge before the Iowa Children's Choice read aloud of Loot by Jude Watson. (You can read about the pre-reading activity HERE.)
4th graders gain background knowledge on Dash, an Iowa Children's Choice Award from 2016-2017.
As databases are updated and revised, we look forward to their continued use! Many projects await!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

1-Thing Wednesday: Destiny Quest

Using Destiny Quest is a big part of our library time with students. During check out at each session in the library, students can access Destiny Quest, log in, and do any number of things there.

Most often, students respond to friend requests and send other request themselves, sometimes making book recommendations when they do so. Students also add books to their virtual bookshelves, adding not only books they've read themselves, but also books they've enjoyed as read alouds. 

Part of our library curriculum includes writing book reviews, and Destiny Quest--along with our online catalog--offer students an authentic audience for their writing. We take several library sessions to draft and revise our reviews, and slowly our online catalog has become a place where students can read peers' reviews and thoughts about books in the collection.