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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Goldilocks & Cinderella with 2nd Graders

For the last few years we've done some work with Goldisocks and the Three Libearians to talk about "just right" books with our 2nd graders. (You can see previous posts HERE and HERE.) As an extension and as a way to address a Common Core standard, we've been reading other versions of the Goldilocks story to compare and contrast. This year, we also added the Cinderella story reading Cinders by Jan Brett and Cinderelephant by Emma Dodd.

As a culminating activity, students had the opportunity to create their own new versions of either the Cinderella or Goldilocks stories. Using the app EduCreations, students created a book cover for their new stories, and then they used Flick to share their work with us. Finally, we put their work into Animoto presentations.

You can see some of their work in the presentations below:

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

New Library Displays

I am fortunate enough to be in only one building this year. It is a wonderful thing to be able to focus on one space, one group of teachers, one group of kids, and one program. I have been weeding books, adding technology sessions to my day, and starting to collaborate with teachers. One other thing I've had time to do is add some new decor and displays in the library. Below are a few I've been working on.
I added two window displays to the back wall. I purchased curtains, rods and command hooks. Then, made the clouds and characters out of paper. I think it turned out whimsical! Kids love finding the characters.
I cannot take credit for these. The wonderful art teacher at our 8/9 building painted these for me. The colors are so bright and the characters pop off the canvas!
In a k-2 building, we do a lot of modeling. What better way to model a love of reading, than by having a readbox for teachers? I added this shelf and invited teachers to add or take books and magazines.