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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Happy (Chinese) New Year!

In a wonderful coincidence, we read Iowa Goldfinch Book nominee The Runaway Wok, by Ying Chang Compestine and Sebastia Serra on the day of the Chinese New Year.

An online search for related activities yielded a fun game for our students to enjoy after listening to and discussing the story. Many students were eager to point out that the main character acts like Jack from Jack & the Beanstalk when he doesn't come home from the market with rice but instead trades for a "useless" wok. Another student mentioned that the wok acted like Robin Hood--they both took things from the rich and gave them to people who were poor. Great connections, for sure!

This Chinese New Year game is a freebie from Sandy Cangelosi's blog Sweet Integrations. You can access the game documents when you CLICK HERE.

Easy-to-follow directions are included, as are all of the pieces necessary to play. After a quick lesson in how to play the game, students started the dice rolling and the fun ensued!

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