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Monday, January 27, 2014

You Wouldn't Want to Be…Research Projects

Fourth and fifth grade students have recently begun work on a long-term research project that begins with the book series You Wouldn't Want to Be. . . 

Our first day of work focused on reinforcing the 5W's lesson students had in their grade-level classrooms. Their task? Read only the introduction page of their book and complete a 5W's index card.

As a ticket out--and as a way to encourage students to browse further in the books--groups wrote about a Handy Hint found in their books. They were encouraged to find a Handy Hint that they thought was especially funny, grotesque, interesting, informative, etc. These tickets out then became part of a library display. Check out the progression of the board!

Next steps in the process include looking at the books' text features and completing a note-taking page. We'll also be talking about main ideas and related search terms before heading to Wonderopolis to find out more! Stay tuned!

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