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Friday, January 10, 2014

Iowa Goldfinch Award Lesson Two- Chicks Gone Wild and Cows Love Cookies!

For our first week of Goldfinch reading, we paired together two books about animals doing some surprising things! Before reading, I reminded the kids that we were starting to read books that were in the running for the Goldfinch Award.

For Cows Love Cookies by Karma Wilson and Marcellus Hall, we talked about how a farmer takes care of  his animals. One way is by feeding them food. We brainstormed some ideas about what different animals eat. Next, we talked about making a prediction based on the title and the cover of the book. We made some predictions about why the cow loves cookies and whether or not the farmer wanted his cow to eat cookies! We read the book and kids loved the rhyming, the surprise about why the cow loves cookies, and (my favorite) the last page.

Next, we read Chicks Run Wild by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen and Ward Jenkins. Again we made predictions about what we thought the book would be about. I told them that in the last book, we had a surprise. I told them that this book had a fun surprise at the end, as well. Kids loved the details of the pictures. They loved the rhyming and the ending. I love their reaction to the ending.

Finally, we made our own chicks running wild. I asked the kids to think of how they would  run wild after bed time and see below for what we came up with.
Supplies Needed
A Wild Chick!  

 See below for my hallway and my BB display.
BB display of two classes of chicks

Some first grade Chicks

 Hallway Display Waiting for Some Chicks

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