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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Otis, Part II

What an exciting few days! When Mrs. Stine's class used Google Hangout to meet with a 2nd grade class in Mason City, we learned that Otis author Loren Long was going to be at a book signing event in Omaha, NE. How could we stay at home?!

Loren Long appeared with author Jon Agee at The Bookworm, a bookstore in Omaha, to promote their Christmas books An Otis Christmas and Little Santa. A big "thank you" goes to the staff at The Bookworm who were so kind and generous--they even gave Mrs. Ellis their promotional items so the authors could sign them!

Both authors shared their books with the audience--and even offered sound effects and took on speaking parts in one another's books. 

Loren Long confirmed something for Mrs. Ellis that she had wondered about ever since reading Otis more than a year ago. In one scene, Otis looks out over the farm with his friend the calf.

Loren Long shared that one of his favorite books as a child was The Story of Ferdinand, by Munro Leaf. (It's one of Mrs. Ellis's favorites, too! You can read about it HERE and HERE.) This particular scene in Otis is a tribute to a scene in Ferdinand--notice the similarity?

Jon Agee and Loren Long then took time to talk with the audience and sign items for everyone who was there. They shared Otis and Little Santa ornaments and tattoos (be on the lookout for Mrs. Ellis to sport an Otis tattoo soon!), and they graciously talked with everyone, young and not-so-young alike!

Mrs. Ellis's daughters joined her on the trip, and we all had the chance to be in a photograph with Loren Long, who also signed Mrs. Ellis's copy of An Otis Christmas

The trip was extra special, as Mrs. Ellis hadn't originally planned to make it to the event. She commented on Twitter about the event, and Loren Long replied!

And we're not finished with Otis yet! Our 2nd grade Mason City friends will be joining us in the next two weeks to finish our activities with Otis using Aww, an online whiteboard, where students will draw and share their favorite parts of Otis and the Puppy. Stay tuned!

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