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Monday, November 25, 2013

Our Technology Follow-Up with Otis & the Puppy

Today was Round 2 with our 2nd grade friends in Mrs. Zweibohmer's Mason City class. The plan was to work in partner groups that matched with the other class's partner groups, and together the 4 students would create an illustration related to a portion of Otis & the Puppy. When all of the pages came together, we'd have our very own class book!

So how did it go? Well, the advance planning was great. . . until our link invites needed to be refreshed during class time. :) Then the collaborating could begin! Here's a glimpse of what it looked like from our end:

We didn't get as much time to work together as we were hoping, but we're all about being flexible. :) That means that we're chalking up today's work to practice, and we're going to try again when we're back from our holiday break. Ultimately, we're hoping to create our own class book of an Otis & the Puppy retelling.

As class ended, we did get a final farewell in--lots of waving and good-bye-ing! Until next time, our Mason City friends!

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  1. Oh, my Mason City second graders were so excited for this venture with your class again!!! What a great opportunity for them to experience a virtual project!! Yes, they were a bit bothered about their lines being erased, or drawing on their side, but they were so engaged when I walked in at the last ten minutes!! They could have drawn or typed text for another half hour!! Wide-eyed and excited!!