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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Using Popplet and Lino

Third and fifth grade students have been listening to Iowa Children's Choice Award nominees Ghost Dog Secrets by Peg Kehret and The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann. In addition to using a reading comprehension strategies booklet to respond to the reading (see this previous post), students also used the iPads to respond using Popplet and Lino.

Teacher librarian Sarah Staudt from Mason City offered much support by sharing her students'  experiences with Popplet--thank you! And third grade teacher Mrs. Nims and fifth grade teacher Mr. Motz were helpful in getting everything set up, from the iPad cart and app download to a quick Reflector tutorial.

So what did the kids do on Popplet? First, we talked about two different discussion questions:
1) What are some events or evidence that justify Rusty taking the dog?
2) What outcomes do you predict for Rusty, Andrew, and Ra when Rusty's mom learns that they are hiding the stolen dog in the fort?

Working in pairs, students accessed Popplet and chose to respond to one of the two questions.

Students were able to export their Popplets as jpegs, which loaded onto the iPads' camera rolls so they could be printed later. Here are a few examples:

When the fifth graders used Lino, they were responding to two of five different questions related to The Unwanteds:

Again students worked in pairs to respond.

Here are two examples of posts:

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