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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

You Wouldn't Want to Be. . . Projects

Students recently completed a project based on the You Wouldn't Want to Be... series. These nonfiction books feature a person or event in history and showcase all of the things that happened, usually revealing to readers that they wouldn't want to have been this person or lived in this time period.

After reading about their topics, students completed activities related to dictionary and indexing skills before a note taking activity to gather information to persuade readers about their horrible topics. (You can find many of the activities HERE from Library Sparks.) 

Finally, students put all of their information into a board game for others to play. The end result was a voting activity to determine just exactly what was the worst thing students wouldn't want to be.

And the winner? Out of all sections, the worst thing to be was. . . a Roman gladiator!


  1. This is great! My kids love this series! The grosser the better... May I borrow your idea?

  2. You go right ahead! :) The Library Sparks website had some good things on it, and we tailored what we needed to in order to make the project work for us. Good luck!