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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Practice with the Online Catalog

Second graders have been hard at work practicing how to use the online catalog and then finding books on the shelves. We began with a brainstorm and modeling session--we talked about some of the common terms we use when we search, and we looked at how to do that searching on our computers. Then the partner fun began!

Students worked in partners to complete two tasks: an online catalog handout and a scavenger hunt.
Click HERE to access the handout.

Click HERE to access the scavenger hunt.
Over the course of two cycles, students completed both handouts. Many liked the scavenger hunt so much they asked for more sheets so they could keep looking for books!

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  1. I like the scavenger hunt idea, might try it this week! This would help my library students to "learn by doing," as they tend to forget parts of the materials search process over time!