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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Exploring ABC Order in the Library

First graders have just completed a unit relating to ABC order as it relates to the library. Over many cycles, students read and listened to ABC books, created their own book spines using their own last names as the authors' names, and practiced ABC order using a variety of apps.

We began with some of our favorite ABC books, like Bad Kitty by Nick Bruel and LMNO Peas by Keith Baker.

After reading a variety of books--and pointing out the spine labels--students determined that an author's last name is represented on the spine label. With another ABC book under their belts--Superhero ABC by Bob McLeod--students created their own spine labels on a paper book spine. Our building superhero theme along with McLeod's book inspired many students to give their "books" a superhero-related title.

With our book spines, students determined how their "books" would be arranged on a shelf in the library. They stood in alphabetical order by their last names, and in a small moment of celebration, one of Mrs. Ellis's first grade groups sang the ABC song.

Finally, it was time to practice our ABCs individually. Students had iPad access to some different apps--Alphabet Order, Alphabetizing by Montessori, and Alphabetic Order from slpToolbox.

On their own, students then worked to put letters and words into alphabetical order.

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