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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Celebrating Thanksgiving with Balloons Over Broadway

Students in kindergarten through second grade have been celebrating Thanksgiving by reading and talking about the book Balloons Over Broadway by Melissa Sweet.

We brought the parade to life for students by sharing online images from early Macy's parades, and we took students to Macy's website to talk about the stats on some of this year's balloons.

Finally, we played a short video that showed students how people work together to move the balloons along the parade route.

Students then had the opportunity to color or draw a balloon that they would like to see in the parade, and some even wrote about their balloons in an attempt to convince Macy's to include certain balloons.

All of the students' "balloons" now hang in the hallway for our own parade!

South Prairie students even created a running parade at their tables, and now they hang around the library.

Enjoy the parade! And maybe you can watch the real Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thanksgiving morning.

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