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Monday, October 7, 2013

ICCA Online Connections & Activities

With all of the great Iowa Children's Choice Award nominees for the year (see post below), you might want to find out more about the stories or the authors. Here are a few online sites you may want to visit:

SPACEHEADZ, by Jon Scieszka

You can CLICK HERE to access the official website for the Spaceheadz series to see the latest on the the mission. :)

HERE LIES LINC, by Delia Ray

Want to know more about the real story behind the Black Angel in Here Lies Linc? You can CLICK HERE to find out more!

MY LIFE AS A BOOK, by Janet Tashijan

CLICK HERE to visit the official site for all of the My Life As A... books. You can even create your own vocabulary flashcards here!

WONDER STRUCK, by Brian Selznick

Visit Scholastic's official page for the book when you CLICK HERE. You can read an excerpt, watch a video, and take a virtual field trip to the American Museum of Natural History.

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