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Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Snapshot of My Reading Life

The World Read Aloud Day 2013 Blogging Challenge topic for the week is A Snapshot of My Reading Life. This could be a favorite place to read, my bookshelf or library or classroom, a book from childhood that I still re-read today, my favorite person to read with. . . anything that brings joy to my reading life.

So, here are the snapshots. I'll keep it short and simple. My favorite people to read with--and who bring me joy!--are my own two daughters, and we love to be comfortable when we read. :)

Audrey, 3, reading in her jammies on the couch.
 Holly, 4, reading with her blankies & Pooh chair

Here are Mrs. White's two favorite people to read with. Having kids and reading with them has added a whole new layer to my world and life as a reader. Who knew there were so many amazing picture books!  And, now that my daughter is reading the Harry Potter series, I am able to experience the books and their world all over again.


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  1. Reading is so much more fun with kids. And I agree, I especially love reading with my own kiddos. I love the snuggling that goes along with reading together. Cute pics!