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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Iowa Goldfinch Award Nominee Blackout by John Rocco

Based on author/illustrator John Rocco's experience as a 10-year-old boy in Rhode Island growing up, Blizzard tells the story of a blizzard that dumped 40" of snow in parts of the Northeast in February 1978.

Students loved following the boy's journey on "snow shoes" (tennis rackets on his feet!) to the local market for supplies for his own family, as well as many of his neighbors.

To accompany the read aloud, kindergarten students created their own blizzards in bags--refer to this Artsy Momma blog post. With Ziplocs already decorated with snowmen, students merely needed to add their "snowflakes" and blow!

Students in first grade also got into the snowy spirit by making their own snow! We started with a "field trip" to the cafeteria for our read aloud, and then we moved on to the snow making based on a blog post from Growing a Jeweled Rose.

Stay tuned--more Iowa Goldfinch book activities and lessons to follow!

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