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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Mystery Book Character Google Hangout

Before Christmas our friends in Mrs. Washington's 2nd grade class participated in a Google Hangout with their 5th grade buddies in Mrs. Updike's class for the second time. (You can read about our first Hangout here.) This time we held a Mystery Book Character Google Hangout!

Before the Hangout each class worked in small groups to choose a well-known book character and establish three clues to share with the other class. Mrs. Updike's classes' clues appear below:

On the day of the Hangout, a 5th grade small group met a 2nd grade small group, introducing themselves and sharing their group's clues. The other group then made a guess; if they were unsure, the group could ask one clarifying question before making a guess. 

Once groups shared their clues and made their guesses, students in both classes returned to their tables to work on the handout "My Favorite Book Character."
You can access the handout HERE.

Below are a few examples showing some of the 5th graders' favorite book characters:

Students' handouts were delivered to one another's classrooms so we could talk about favorite book characters. Our second Google Hangout was another success, and we're eager to continue our friendships with our friends at South Prairie Elementary!

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  1. What an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing. I am putting it on my list as a goal for 2016 for Washington Elementary Library:)