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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Library Centers in the New Year

The start of the new school year means another round of library centers after check out time! To talk about our library centers, we read Dan Santat's book The Adventures of Beekle the Unimaginary Friend.

After the read aloud, we talked about using our imaginations when we read and how we might use our imaginations in other ways in the library, including during our library centers time.

Centers at Dallas Center Elementary include some old favorites--like the computer center and the cash register--and some new items like the Keva Contraptions and tangrams with templates.

Other centers in the rotation this quarter include our computer center, where students can access a grade-level Symbaloo with links to books, authors, and other literacy websites; a Boggle board; an optical illusions and I Spy book box; and intricate coloring pages.

Along with their table centers, students also have the choice to visit the reading corner for some read to self or read to partner time, or they can choose to work on our 1000 piece puzzle. New library centers come around at the start of each quarter, so look for different centers in mid-October!

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  1. Hey! I love what you're doing at your school! I am the LMS at a K-6 school and use centers, but we do a 6 week rotation where students go to a different center each week and then we do check out time. It works, but there are some weeks when students are bored because they aren't doing something that interests them. I'm trying to think through other ways to do it. We have 45 minutes and I use 20 for centers, 20 for checkout. When do you fit check out time in to your library time? Thanks in advance.