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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Titles with Trailers Tuesday: The Janitors Series by Tyler Whitesides

Another book series is showcased in today's Titles with Trailers Tuesday. While the series isn't new, it is new to our library: the Janitors series by Tyler Whitesides.

In the first book of this four-book series, we meet the janitors at Welcher Elementary, and they know a secret related to the students there. Maybe they're falling asleep in math? Bored while listening to the English teacher? Uninterested in geography? Twelve-year-olds Spencer and friend Daisy fight with and against this secret janitor group that has wizarding abilities. Can these two trust any of the janitors? And can they protect their school? (from

The author has an official website that features all of the books, along with videos and contests related to them. 

Here is the video for Book 1 in the series:

What's not to love about magical janitors?! Pick up the series to find out more!

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