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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Using iPads to Create Book Promotions

Students in third, fourth, and fifth grade recently used two different apps to create book promotions to share with their classmates. Before they even put their hands on iPads, though, students needed to choose a favorite picture book or fiction chapter book that they felt they could easily talk about and promote to others. With books chosen, students were to take a picture of it to use as a background, then choose Tellagami or Chatterpix to create a promo.

To guide their work, students used this directions page:
Students worked throughout the class period to create their promotions, often talking with one another about their choices and helping one another use the apps, neither of which they'd used before.

Below are some examples of the ChatterPix promos that students created, along with photographs of them at work:

And here are examples of students' Tellagami promos and photographs of their work in progress:

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