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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Remember When We. . . Made Discovery Bottles?

In a strange twist, today's "Remember When We…" post originally took place almost 2 years to the day!

After looking at several examples of discovery bottles online--and searching Pinterest for inspiration and directions!--we dove into the project with our K-5 librarian friend Ms. Taylor from Shuler Elementary in Waukee, IA. 

How did the bottles turn out? Take a look:

All 3 of us were able to take 6 bottles to our libraries to use as a center. Some of the bottles were school colors-related, some were beach-themed, and others were ABC-related. We even had magnetic discovery bottles! While the project took a lot of planning and a full morning of construction, the bottles remain one of our students' favorite centers!

Want to see the original post? CLICK HERE to see more pictures and descriptions.

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