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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Picture Books & Personification

During Poetry Month, 5th graders have been looking at examples of sensory detail and alliteration, and today they continued their work by looking at personification. We began with a clip from Disney's Beauty and the Beast; students watched the clip, then talked in table groups about what they believed personification might be based on what they saw.

One we established a working definition, we moved on to examining personification in children's picture books. Many great examples are out there to use, but below are some of the books 5th graders used:

Students worked in groups to browse the books at their tables for examples of personification. Their task was to find at least two examples, photograph them, and describe it as an example of personification. All of this would be done using iPads--the camera and the app PoppletLite specifically.

Some examples of the students' work appears below:

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