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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

5th Graders Use Slide Rocket to Promote Books

Students in Mrs. Ellis' 5th grade small group have been meeting for several weeks to put together a Slide Rocket presentation to promote their favorite books.
  • Step 1--Determine which books or authors to promote. This was a tough decision, as it required a bit of compromise as students worked in pairs or trios.
  • Step 2--Find interesting, appropriate book trailers to promote the chosen books or authors. Again, a tough decision when YouTube trailers weren't always options for them to use. became another popular site to search, as did
  • Step 3--Play around on SlideRocket to see how to put together a presentation, and then have at it! Screen shots were all taken from or from iClipArt, our Iowa AEA Online go-to site for free clip art.
So here is the final project--take a look and maybe you'll find a book or author to try over the summer. Enjoy!

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