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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

4th Quarter Centers. . . Coming Up!

One of the new things in the libraries this year is the addition of library centers. During check-out time, students have the opportunity to work at a number of different centers, which rotate from quarter to quarter. Some centers remain consistent, like the Puppet Center at South Prairie, and Reading Corner at DC Elementary, and the computer stations at all buildings.
Reading Corner at DC Elementary
Computer station
So, what can students expect to see in the 4th quarter? One addition will be a combined Would You Rather.../Mad Libs center--thanks to and Brittany Eastman on Pinterest for the items we're using. Check out our Elephant & Piggie example and our Would You Rather...? example:
Example of a mad lib item for the new center

Example of a Would You Rather... item for the new center


  1. I love your reading corner! I wish I had a quiet corner like that for a reading nook. My "lounge" is in the middle of the picture books/easy readers so it is rarely calm and quiet for the readers there!

  2. Can I share Elephant and Piggie copies with participants in a conference session I'm planning about Centers? I'll link back to your blog! I can't wait to try this with my students after Spring break!